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Donna is a registered nurse and native Texan who moved to Allen with her husband Bill in 1999.


Donna loves Golden Retrievers and started training at Best Friends Fun Farm in 2002 with her then two-year old Golden Retriever Sonora (2000-2013) and was immediately addicted. 

Kayla (2001-2015), a rescue Golden joined the family in 2003 and quickly showed Donna that agility was awesome earning numerous titles in AKC, USDAA, ASCA and NADAC and Championships in both AKC and USDAA. A highlight was winning Preferred National Agility Champion at the 2013 Golden Retriever National Specialty. 

Ruger (2008 - ) lives up to his name - he is a pistol, full of life and loved agility. He earned numerous titles advancing to the Masters level in both AKC and USDAA. He was fast as a speeding bullet and one could hear the chant “RUN Donna RUN” when they were on course.  Ruger is now enjoying his retirement. 

Jager (2013 - ) showed attitude from day one and loves to train. Jager occasionally does agility but true to his name (Jager means hunter in German) loves Nosework.

Sig (2016 - ) is Donna’s current competition dog, at the beginning of his journey. He is living up to his name providing great fun and excitement.

When not playing agility, all the Goldens adore Dock Diving and have each earned Titles ranging from Junior and Senior all the way to Master.