After earning her college degree in Radio-TV-Film, Elizabeth worked in production for the PBS show “Wishbone”.  In 1996, she found the sport of dog agility.  Elizabeth enrolled in agility class with her recently adopted 8.5 year-old Border Terrier Roxie and has been addicted ever since. 

In 1998, she became a United States Dog Agility Association judge, became a Masters level Supervisor for many  years and is now retired from judging.  She has officiated at trials from New York to Bermuda to Los Angeles and dozens of cities in between.  Elizabeth joined Dallas Agility Working Group and revived their training program.  In 1999, she was elected President of DAWG.  In that same year, Elizabeth and JP moved to McKinney with plans of opening an agility school and Best Friends was born a year later.


Elizabeth has put over 400 titles on dogs in various sports including agility, flyball, obedience, rally, tracking, herding, lure coursing, weight pulling and conformation.  She is currently learning Nosework and hopes to spend time in dock diving soon!

Moseley (Polish Lowland Sheepdog, 1996 - 2012) was an Agility Champion in USDAA, AKC, NADAC & ASCA and AKC Nationals Finalist & USDAA Veterans Grand Prix Finalist.  She won two High In Trials in agility and two in obedience, and finished her UD in 2003. 

Rescue girlie Haley (Border Collie, 1998 - 2013) preferred herding over agility so she focused on that game.  Haley won HIT/Started at a herding trial and made her way to Advanced Herding competition.

Rescue girlie ADCH MACH Kiwi (Mixed breed, 1999 - 2015) enjoyed her time being a TV star as “Bingo the dog” on the PBS children’s show “Barney”. 

MACH2 PACH NATCH ADCH-Bronze PDCH LAA-Bronze Hemi (Pyrenean Shepherd, 2002 - 2018) earned her place to represent the USA several times in international competition: 2007 Team USA European Open in Italy and two-time IFCS World Team Member (2008 Belgium and 2010 England, and first alternate in 2012). Hemi competed multiple times in AKC Nationals Finals and Challengers Round, USDAA Grand Prix Finals, Steeplechase Finals and Team Finals. In the 16” class, she has a record FIVE podium finishes in six years at Nationals in Team Snooker, including three gold medals.  In 2013, Hemi earned 2nd place overall at NADAC Championships.  At her first conformation show, Hemi became an International Champion and won the Herding Group to compete for Best in Show! 

In 2014, sighthound PACH PDCH NATCH Andretti (Podengo Pequeno, 2008 - ) has earned agility championships in AKC, USDAA and NADAC.  He’s been invited to the AKC Invitational numerous times and has attended twice.  He loves showing off his many tricks and posing for the camera.  Andretti won HIT recently at his first ever Nosework competition! 

Rescue girlie ADCH Polka-Dot (Border Collie, 2013 - ) joined the family in 2014 and is JP’s best buddy, his shadow.  She loves agility and is qualified for and will be competing at both AKC Nationals and USDAA Nationals in 2019.  Polka-Dot also loves swimming!

Giddy Marie (Pyrenean Shepherd, 2014 - ) lives up to her name and EVERYTHING in the world is exciting when you are Giddy.  :)  She competes in agility and is learning Nosework.  You can see what Giddy is up to on her very own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GiddyMarie/.

In August 2017, Elizabeth traveled to Houston to volunteer with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  She brought home a foster dog and worked hard to find the owners.  After almost four months with no luck, Beans (mixed breed) was adopted into the family.  She is learning agility and has a very solid temperament.

Elizabeth is also professional photographer, using her 20+ years of experience working with dogs to help her capture the personalities of her clients on camera. She loves being able to create timeless artwork for people to display on the walls of their homes that celebrates these amazing animals that share our homes and our lives. www.eevansphotography.com Every Friday night, you’ll find Elizabeth at Chase Oaks Church, a place where folks are encouraged to “come as you are, be transformed and make a difference in your community.”  There’s a group of agility folks who attend each week and everyone is invited!  Write for details.  :)


All of these things would not be possible without the support of Elizabeth’s husband of 24 years, JP. When not doing maintenance around the property or working in video production, JP can be found playing music and riding his bicycle on back roads. In 2011, he completed the Tour Divide, a 2700+ mile unsupported bicycle race from Canada to Mexico in just 24 days!