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Moseley, Master Agility Champion

In 2004, Moseley injured her ACL and we didn’t know if she’d ever come back to agility.  At the time, she needed 4 more QQs to complete her Master Agility Champion title in AKC.  We spent the bulk of the year dealing with her injury: acupuncture, swimming, walking, chiropractic, massage, MRIs, x-rays, Chinese herbs and more.  By early 2005, it appeared that she would return to agility. 

In August 2005, we reached our 19th QQ.  Now the pressure was really on!  Two times between August and November, we qualified in the first run of the day, but then had a fault in the second run.  One time she knocked a bar; the other time she skipped a weave pole.  It was getting nerve-wracking!

It was meant to be on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2005.  The club was DAWG, where I have been a club member for 8 years, 2 of them as President.  It was a local show, so all of my friends and students were there to cheer for us.  The stage was set!

We conquered a challenging Standard course and JWW was really flowing.  I did a running start with Moseley and had a concern that she might take an off-course tunnel early in the course.  But, she came right with me, not even looking at it.  She cleared the double and got nicely into the weaves.  Her rhythm seemed slightly off at the beginning of the weaves, but she improved and finished them up well.  A few jumps later, I heard her tick a bar but saw that it didn’t fall.  Whew!  We cruised over more jumps, through that tunnel and then around to the triple which she jumped like a dream!  Two jumps left and then it was over and the crowd went nuts!

I did a crazy jumping dance and ran back, crying like a baby, to hug the judge.  Moseley just wondered where her cookies were!  Herb, a club member, brought out the MACH bar and ribbon and we took our victory lap while the crowd cheered.  Several people told me they cried, too!  It was so exciting!  Moseley got LOTS of cookies when it was over.  She didn’t know why this run was any different than all our other runs, but I didn’t hear any complaints about the extra treats.


Those of y'all who have been around for a few years know that Moseley is my heart and soul. We have done SO much together over the last nine years, almost everything I could think of -- and she is good at all of them!   I am so blessed to have her in my life.


No one will ever replace my best PON!