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The September 2019 Level 1 class is open for registration now.  


Class starts on Sunday, Sept 8, 2019.  There are 3:45pm and 4:45pm options. 

As of July 12, the 3:45pm class has one opening.  The 4:45pm class has one opening.  

The cost is $120 for 6 weeks.  Payment for class holds your spot.  Upon successful registration, Jeanene, the instructor, will send a link for on-line payment. 

About 3-5 days before the start of class, Jeanene will send out the info on what you need to bring to class. 

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In the Meantime!

In the time before the class begins, I suggest teaching your pup as many dog tricks as you can think of.  Yes, dog tricks!  Doing agility obstacles is really just a bunch of tricks all put together in a series.  So a dog that knows how to learn new tricks will learn agility more easily.  I’ve found that tricks are great for building a number of skills:  balance, coordination, strength, and most of all teamwork between dog and handler!

There are lots of tricks videos on YouTube that will give you some ideas.  Some trainers even post tutorial videos showing how to teach a certain trick.  Search “dog trick tutorial” on YouTube.

Here’s a video of my dog Andretti (who is now 10 years old!) showing some tricks that might give you ideas.

Happy training!

Watch a tricks video for ideas!