New to Agility?



Dogs who would like to enter our agility program following a simple progression of classes to learn the basics of the sport.

Level 1

Covers basic obedience with an eye toward skills needed for agility and helps your dog learn to focus around the distractions of other dogs and people. 

  • Prerequisite:  At least five months old or instructor's permission
  • Starts:  Jan or Feb 2020, Sundays at 4:45pm 
  • 6 weeks, $120 
  • Enrollment open for this class!  Click here to learn more!

Level 2

Expands on the skills in Level 1 and adds some simple agility equipment and increases work with distractions.

  • Prerequisite:  Graduation from Level 1 or instructor permission
  • Starts:  Next session Fall 2019
  • 6 weeks, $120

Level 3

More work on agility obstacles and introduces basic handling skills.

  • Prerequisite:  Graduation from Level 2 or instructor permission
  • Starts:  Winter/Spring 2020
  • 6 weeks, $120

Level 4

Expanding understanding of agility handling skills, refining obstacle performance, introduction to sequencing.

  • Prerequisite:  Graduation from Level 3 or instructor permission
  • Starts:  September 2019
  • 6 weeks, $120

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